Murder Mystery Cruise

Summer Fun: Murder Mystery Cruise.

How It Works

After what has felt like an eternity, you’ve finally made it: vacation. You sip your drink as the ship gets underway, and you feel yourself begin to unwind. Heading towards the main room, you mix and mingle with fellow guests at the meet-and-greet.

Suddenly, the pleasant conversation turns to silence as you notice a detective dressed entirely in black has entered the room. He informs guests that he has received a tip: a murder will take place that very night, and he intends to get to the bottom of things –with your help.

The detective then deputizes the audience, provides guests with the necessary tools to solve the crime, and establishes ground rules. From here, chaos -and murder- ensue as guests encounter suspects, examine the evidence, and compete to find the guilty party.

Presenting:’Till Death Do Us Part

The honor of your presence is requested for the wedding of Tanya and Tucker! Come help us to celebrate this wonderful event, but beware –jealousy, greed, comedy, and murder are on the guest list!

What’s Included?

Free Drink Package Includes:

  • Selection of classic cocktails.
  • Tap beer and house wines by the glass.
  • Soft drinks, bottled water, hot beverages.
  • 24-hour Unlimited Data & Web Access.
  • Includes bars, buffet, and main restaurant.
  • Excludes specialty restaurants and signature venues.

Free Wifi Package Includes:

  • 24-Hour Unlimited Data & Web Access.
  • Chat services such as WhatsApp.
  • Send/receive emails and images.
  • Excludes streaming services such as Hulu/Netflix/Etc.


18/21/23New York, NY3:00 PM EST
28/22/23At Sea
38/23/23King’s Warf, Bermuda9:00 AMDocked
48/24/23King’s Warf, BermudaDockedDocked
58/25/23King’s Warf BermudaDocked3:00 PM
68/26/23At Sea
78/27/23New York, NY7:00 AM

Tour the MSC Mergaviglia!

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